Monday, September 12, 2011

Alaska- Turnagain Arm

 About 40 minutes outside of Anchorage is Turnagain Arm. The highway runs along side it and it is beautiful.  As we were driving back to Anchorage we happened to see the tide coming back in.  There were some crazy people surfing the tide.  We got out and watched them for a while. 
 I found a video with someone surfing the tide here.  You can kind of get a glimpse of what we were watching...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alaska- Wildlife Zoo

 Just a little outside of Anchorage is a Wildlife Zoo.  There are all sort of Wildlife there like moose, brown bear, caribou, elk, muskox, eagles....  All of the animals here where injured and could not be put back out in the wild, so they made a huge park for them.
 Madi loved this wooden carved bear.  It was just her size and she kept on kissing it.
 Weston's favorite animal was definitely the moose. He loved them! 
 Now that is some weird looking antlers!
 A little baby moose!
This is a Caribou- These antlers where nuts!  I bet any hunter would love to have a rack like that on his wall!
 Brown Bear
Bears playing in a river.  They where SO funny to watch!
Alaska's native Muskox

Monday, September 5, 2011

Anchorage, Alaska Temple

At the beginning of July, we went to Alaska!  It was SO much fun and we loved every moment of it.  I have so many pictures that it will take me a couple posts to get through them.  The first one I will start out with is our visit to the Anchorage Temple.
Weston loves to smell the flowers!
Yea!! We are at the Temple!!
Our Family!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kids love mud!

 We are redoing the grass in our backyard.  So there is A LOT of mud.  One day Weston and Madi were playing on our back porch and I heard Madi start to cry.  I went out there and Weston was picking up mud then rubbing it all over Madi's face.  As soon as she saw me she started laughing.  She was so proud of herself because she was SO dirty!

 Weston must have been eating the dirt!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Madison's Birthday!

 Madison turned one year old on May 10th.  It was so nice because Bridget and her family happened to be in town so we had a little birthday party and went out to eat at the Big Texan (pictures will come later).
 Madi's Great Granddad gave her that little baby and she just adores it!  She still sleeps with it every night!

 Madi's My Little Pony birthday cake.
 Weston had to help Madi blow out the candles of course!
 Chisholm, Weston and Brogan
Madi's favorite part of the day- eating the cake!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

 As many of you know, Nich loves his chainsaws!  He loves everything about them- how they are made, they way they run, he likes to hot-rod them and most of all he likes to use them.  For Christmas we got Weston a little Stihl chainsaw (just like dad's).  Weston would try to cut everything in the house- our table, Nich's guitar, the TV...  So, we decided to take him to go cut some firewood.
 Weston watched Nich for the longest time.

 Nich finally showed Weston how to do it.
I don't know who was happier cutting firewood-Weston or his dad...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twice the TROUBLE!

 Since Madison has been mobile, I have had twice the trouble, twice the clean up, twice the loudness and 10 times the CUTENESS.  Weston and Madison are best friends and do everything together.   One day I noticed that the house was really quiet.  I went into the kitchen and they were getting out all of my Scentsy Candle scents.  It was really neat to watch because Madi would get one out at a time and hand it to Weston.  Weston would then begin to stack and line them up.  They did this all without making any sounds.  It was amazing how quiet the two of them could be!