Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weston's Blessing

On the 3rd of May, Nich blessed Weston in church. My Mom, Dad, Jared, Brittany, Wes and their family came all the way to Texas to see us!
I really wich they could of stayed longer, but we had a blast! Thanks for coming up here! We love you!
(I like how Colton is picking his nose!)

Me, Nich and Weston

My Dad, Wes, Jessie Walton, Nich, Weston and Pat Parker
They all participated in Weston's blessing. Thanks for everything!

Cadillac Ranch!

My family came up to visit us at the beginning of this month. While they were here we went to Cadillac Ranch and did some more spray painting. Weston did a good job painting the cars!

Nich, Weston and me next to our car.

Nich and Weston

Our family again! Last time I was here I was pregnant with Weston. It was much easier spray painting without my huge belly!

Father and Son Campout

Nich and Weston went to our wards father and son campout on the 1st. Weston loves going with Nich everywhere!

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