Friday, February 25, 2011

Amarillo Zoo

 For Weston's birthday we went to the Amarillo Zoo.  I should be ashamed of myself for never going there before because it is a really neat little zoo.  Weston absolutely loved it!
 Weston had a great view of all of the animals on his dad's shoulders.

 There was this bear that was staring down Weston the entire time.  I think that the bear wanted to eat him.  Good thing there is glass between them!

You can't have a zoo in Amarillo without including the Longhorn!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weston's 2nd Birthday

 Weston just turned 2 years old.  He had such a great birthday!  Grandma Kenny and Del came to visit Weston. 

 We put balloons all over the room.  Weston loved the balloons so much that it took him a while to notice the presents.

Dad helping Weston open present.  He did not need much help though.
 Great Granddad gave Weston a wagon.  Weston loves to be pulled around in it!  Especially when Grandma Kenny is pulling him!
 Weston's birthday cake.  I think that he liked the truck more than the cake!
Madi sure loved the birthday cake though!  She was a mess!

9 Months Old

Yesterday was Madison's 9 month checkup.  She is 18.8 pounds and 27.7 inches long.  My little girl is getting so big!  She is such a sweet little girl and I am so happy that she is in our life!  She brings such joy to everyone she meets.  We love her so much!