Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weston's 1st Haircut

On Friday, Weston got his 1st haircut. The pictures downloaded in the wrong order. It is all good though. This is Weston in the bathtub after his haircut. He loves taking baths and playing with all of his toys.
After the haircut...Here is Nich giving Weston his haircut. Surprisingly Weston loved the clippers.
Weston is showing off for the camera!
Before the Haircut!

Monday, November 9, 2009


On Halloween we went to a Chili Cook off and then a Trunk-or-Treat. Nich made some awesome Chili, cornbread and cobbler.
Note- Nich was a Cowboy Cook. I was Dolly Parton and Weston was a Pumpkin.

Weston got into the candy at the Trunk or Treat.

Lubbock Temple

On Saturday we went to the Lubbock temple to see a couple in our ward get sealed. It was really nice!

Here is our little family in front of the temple!

Nich vs. Mesquite Tree

When we were in Queen Creek, Nich noticed this dead mesquite tree at the church. Not wanting it to be a hazard to the community and really wanting to use his chainsaws, he volunteered to cut it down. So all day we cut down and removed the tree. I probably pulled out hundreds of thorns out from my boots!

Here is the mesquite tree before Nich got to it!

Nich starting to cut down the tree. He had a blast!

Trip to Yuma!

We took a trip to Yuma at the beginning of October to visit Nich's family. We had a great time! Weston loved visiting Grandma Kenny, Del, Mima and Granddad!
Thanks for having us!
Here is Weston and Mima playing!

Granddad and Weston

Weston and Mima

Weston is playing with Grandma Kenny and Lola.
Thanks again for having us!

My Handsome Son...

Here are some random pictures of our handsome son!! He got a cowboy hat just like Nich's and he loves to wear it, but only when Nich is...

Weston got this outfit from Del, and he loves to wear the hat with it! Thanks Del!!