Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One kid + one who thinks he is...

On Saturday, Nich and I were working on some things in Nich's shop. We had Weston in his play pen, and Gus was out running around the trucks. Everytime Gus would run around the playpen, Weston would try to follow him. I made Gus sit by the playpen, so Weston could pet him. Before I knew it, Gus had jumped into the pen with Weston. Gus just sat there like that is where he belonged. It was really funny! Weston loved it though!

Our Funny Little Boy!

Weston was really quiet a few days ago. So I asked Nich if he knew where Weston was. We went searching through the house, and we found him underneath the Christmas tree opening his presents! Nich took the pictures through the crack of the door so Weston would not see him. He was so sad that he got caught!!

We had the Demuths visit us when they were on their way back to Kansas. Kade was riding Weston's tractor around the house. Weston did not like that! He went chasing Kade until he stopped, and Weston hugged the tractor so he couldn't drive it anywhere else! He loves that tractor! He is definitely Nich's kid!!

Christmas Time!

The day after Thanksgiving, our family went to pick out our Christmas tree. We could not cut it down this year since there are no pine trees here in Texas. :( Nich was sad that he could not use his chainsaw! But, we did get a really pretty tree!
Decorating the tree was definitely a challenge this year with Weston getting into all of the decorations!! He loved helping out though!
Weston is helping with the lights.
He loves to pull the decorations off of the tree!
Finally, Nich came in distracted Weston as I finished putting the last decorations on the tree.

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