Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twice the TROUBLE!

 Since Madison has been mobile, I have had twice the trouble, twice the clean up, twice the loudness and 10 times the CUTENESS.  Weston and Madison are best friends and do everything together.   One day I noticed that the house was really quiet.  I went into the kitchen and they were getting out all of my Scentsy Candle scents.  It was really neat to watch because Madi would get one out at a time and hand it to Weston.  Weston would then begin to stack and line them up.  They did this all without making any sounds.  It was amazing how quiet the two of them could be!


Tom/Tabitha said...

Just curious... did they not notice you until the last picture? Because that's an 'uhoh' look.

Carwin Candids said...

Your kids are so dang cute! What a sweet family, we miss you guys! If you ever come up this way PLEASE come see us we would love that! Longmont is about 45 min north of us. Awesome!

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