Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alaska- Wildlife Zoo

 Just a little outside of Anchorage is a Wildlife Zoo.  There are all sort of Wildlife there like moose, brown bear, caribou, elk, muskox, eagles....  All of the animals here where injured and could not be put back out in the wild, so they made a huge park for them.
 Madi loved this wooden carved bear.  It was just her size and she kept on kissing it.
 Weston's favorite animal was definitely the moose. He loved them! 
 Now that is some weird looking antlers!
 A little baby moose!
This is a Caribou- These antlers where nuts!  I bet any hunter would love to have a rack like that on his wall!
 Brown Bear
Bears playing in a river.  They where SO funny to watch!
Alaska's native Muskox

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Rinni's Playground said...

I love Alaska in the Summer! I think I went to this Zoo last Summer! Love the picture of your little girl giving the bear a kiss. Too adorable!